Oaksprings Dairy

Oaksprings Dairy

Taste the Milky Way


“We have been working with Amal for a number of years here at Magma Group of companies and we have always valued his experienced and unique approach to our design and marketing projects.


The Magma Group acquired the Oaksprings Dairy in 2021 and started the process of rebranding and remarketing the Dairy.


We immediately brought Amal on to lead our marketing team to help us create a strong national brand which will allow us to compete in a very competitive market. We have already repackaged many of our products and have been able to secure new listings across KZN.


Amal has been an integral part of our team and has been able to show us the importance of keeping the branding consistent and strong. This is demonstrated in all our branding, packaging, Royal Show stand, Agri Show stand, store demonstrations, social media posts, website, and all the marketing material that the company puts out.”