Amal has always had a deep connection to flavour and food. With his cultural background from distant Persian lands and being surrounded by his family’s pantry of scents and tastes; encouraged his palate, developing another facet of his creative being.


His most recent exploration with food was his journey with his wife Sharon, and their food child, Kishmish. Kishmish celebrated the many flavours the world has to offer through their unique recipes of teas, jams & chutneys, cordials and spices. It translated the language of food and cuisine through their eyes and onto the plates of the community that surrounds them.


Kishmish brought together the cultural pantry of Amal and Sharon’s balanced palette and in turn, created a menu of flavours and products that everyone felt excited by and adopted as their next favourite.


But besides Kishmish, Amal is known to be a wizard in the kitchen, from being able to whip up the stray ingredients into something amazing yet new, to being able to take you on a whirlwind of travel tastes through your culinary senses.