Ballet Rip

Diane West

“Situated within the sweltering CBD of Pietermaritzburg, a sombre realization washed over me: the Nestle chocolate factory of my childhood was no longer. What happened to my Willy Wonka golden ticket?

With perspiration trickling down my back, I entered into a portal of Europe, Persia & other exotic far-away places.

Instantly reduced to child mode, I made a disjointed attempt to explain my concept.

Amal challenged me to deconstruct and reconstruct my concept until a potent product appeared; a product that symbolized the core of my being. From these magical and mysterious quarters, a brand was created that people wanted to be a part of: BalletRIP

BalletRIP has been a dream come true transcending all human expectation… Amal managed to capture the essence of everything I stand for in life… integrity.

With Amal is where BalletRIP was forged. I will always return to him. ‘Tis too late to turn back … onwards and upwards I say.

I found my golden ticket after all.”