On an ever-evolving artist journey, these artworks represent my travels and many moments in time.


Amal was born in Persia (Iran) in April 1963. Sixth child of an army colonel, he was brought up in Tehran until the age of 14 when the revolution forced his family to leave and settle in the United Kingdom.

Amal qualified as a graphic designer in 1985 and has been painting throughout his career having exhibited extensively in the United Kingdom, United States, Austria, Australia and South Africa. His work forms part of private collections throughout the world, including the United Nations, British Telecom, Mount Charles Group and the National Australia Bank and TMJ, Venns and Peter Brown attorneys here in South Africa.

“Amal’s style of work is ever changing and his work shows an emotive interpretation of light, water and landscape. Using vivid colours Amal draws from within his spiritual aspirations to show the natural balance of nature.” Robert Elliott, Art Collector


Creating an abstraction of the real world and forming a new perspective to
inspire joy in moments of contemplation.

Unprecedented times force a change in our thought and approach to life and the definition of survival.

“I have painted throughout my life and feel compelled to express my life’s journey in the form of colour, texture and form.

These mediums of expression also connect to the soul, and a spiritual essence of what we see around us; earth, water & light.”